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Rug Repair

As third generation rug experts, we at Shabahang and Sons are experts in rugs therefore we are able to help you with your rug repair and restoration. We receive several rugs per day for repair from Milwaukee or neighboring towns and cities.
Damages could be done by moth, your dog chewing the ends, sides or the corners of your lovely rug, your furniture putting spots on your rugs, or having your rug in a high traffic area of your home. Whatever the cause of the damage maybe, our long and more than five decades of experience can help us make your rug look brand new again.

Before we start to take care of the rug repair and restoration, we consider the type of the damage in order to determine the repair method and technique. If there is hole in the rug, we have to make the foundation on which we can tie the knots and make the pile. In this case we have to match the weave, color of the yarn, design and etc. If sides or ends are damaged, we may have to unravel part of the weave to make the lines in order and then do the binding and secure the knots. We do not attach, sew or glue prefabricated fringes. We make fringes from the foundation of the rug. Everything is custom made and done by hand by our expert rug and carpet repair people who work on site.

When it comes to Oriental, Persian, area rug, kilim or tapestry repair, we are your consultant and not your ordinary rug dealers. Our decades of experience will be put at work and on the table to help you decide what is best for you and your valuable rug.


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