History of Bakhtiari Rugs

Bakhtiari carpets are woven in numerous villages in a large area south west of Ishahan called the Chahar Mahal. They are woven by Armenian, Kurdish, and Turkish villages as well as Bakhtari tribes. Isfahan serves as the major market center for carpets to this area.

The most common designs woven in Bakhtiari rugs are the medallion, panel, and lozenge designs. The field of the panel design is divided into rectangular compartments. Each of which contains one of a variety of motifs: flowers, trees, boteh, or palmettos. This design was adopted from the matrix formed by the irrigation channels in Persian gardens. The lozenge design is similar to the panel in that the field is segmented by repeating lozenges. Each lozenge contains a small motif similar to those used in the paned design. This design is commonly found in older and antique Bakhtiari carpets. The medallion superimposed on a field filled with stylized floral patterns.
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History of Esfahan Rugs

Weaving in Esfahan flourished in the Safavid era.  But when the Afghans invaded Iran, ending the Safavid dynasty, the craft also became stagnant.

Not until 1920’s, between two world wars, was weaving again taken seriously by the people of Esfahan.  They started to weave Safavid designs and once again became one of the most important nexus of the Iranian rug weaving industry.  Esfahan rugs today are among the most wanted in world markets, having many customers in western countries.

Esfahani rugs and carpets usually have ivory backgrounds with blue, rose, and indigo motifs.  Esfahan rugs and carpets often have very symmetrical and balanced designs.  They usually have a single medallion that is surrounded with vines and palmettos.  These rugs and carpets usually have excellent quality.
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