Rug Cleaning Process At Shabahang and Sons


We are proud to own the best rug cleaning department in the Milwaukee area. Our experts are professionally trained and they have decades of rug cleaning experience. Our experts can clean any type of rug from antique Persian rugs to modern rugs. The processing time for cleaning an Oriental Rug is between 7-10 days. We

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History of Kashan Rugs


Kashan is an ancient town 160 miles from Tehran with a long history of weaving. The famous ‘Ardebil’ carpet, now in the Victoria & Albert Museum was made here. Carpet production actually stopped in the eighteenth century. It was started again in the late nineteenth century by merchants who had the idea of using imported

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History of Esfahan Rugs


Weaving in Esfahan flourished in the Safavid era.  But when the Afghans invaded Iran, ending the Safavid dynasty, the craft also became stagnant. Not until 1920’s, between two world wars, was weaving again taken seriously by the people of Esfahan.  They started to weave Safavid designs and once again became one of the most important nexus of

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History of Bakhtiari Rugs


Bakhtiari carpets are woven in numerous villages in a large area south west of Ishahan called the Chahar Mahal. They are woven by Armenian, Kurdish, and Turkish villages as well as Bakhtari tribes. Isfahan serves as the major market center for carpets to this area. The most common designs woven in Bakhtiari rugs are the

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